12615140_1315071728518384_2619279244406985553_oBy day, I’m a social media and communications professional for a Fortune 300 brand. I began my career in a small-market television newsroom, learning how to write, edit and produce in a hectic, fast-paced environment — before the dawn of social media. I’ve won awards and made people cry producing videos for a large children’s hospital in the Midwest.

More recently, I’ve led social media strategy for my company and advised our senior leaders on how best to use social as a new communications and engagement vehicle.

As editor and publisher of Fourthand140.com, I try to focus on the fan’s perspective of this curious intersection of sports and social media. But I’ll also share my perspective on the strategic role social media plays for sports teams, leagues and athletes.

My blog posts are also regularly syndicated to Business2Community.com.

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  1. I also try to combine my passion for social media and sports – the result is a new app that will be launched at this year’s World Juniors (Hockey) in Dec. I’d be interested in your personal feedback. Maybe you can reach out to me, thanks.

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