Become a Social Media SuperFan: 7 Twitter Tips to Get Your Sports Fix


Show your Twitter followers how to be a real SuperFan with these tips.

I tweet for a Fortune 300 company by day, so you’d think I’d look for a social media escape when I’m away from work.

Problem is – I follow too many interesting people on Twitter to stay away. And I get most of my information from there. It’s faster, easier and more lightweight. And did I mention all those cool people I follow?

However, with all social media conversations – especially Twitter – you have to have a thick skin and be prepared to cut through the clutter to find your sweet spot around sports and Twitter. Live games move fast, and so does the fan conversation. Keep up, contribute or get left behind. Or worse – ignored.

Be patient, too. It takes time to find the fans you appreciate – and who appreciate you. There’s a wasteland of nonsense out there – from every team in every sport. Find your own sweet spot.

So I have some quick advice to help you get started with these five tips:

  • Create a follower list of your favorite sports teams: That includes fans, writers, coaches and players. Twitter lists are a great way to differentiate any other activities or passions you might share on Twitter.
  • Don’t overdo the RT. Once you’ve joined a team’s following – large or small – you don’t have to RT everything about your team. It becomes downright ridiculous to read the same tweet 25 times.
  • Don’t forget the @ reply. This is better when you’re just having a conversation with one or two people about a certain topic. It also gives you a little more space for your tweet. And for you Klout-watchers, it’s supposedly helps boost your engagement socre.
  • Use your team hashtags (#) when posting. This helps tell your followers – especially those who don’t follow your team – that this tweet is about the #Steelers or #SteelerNation.
  • Send a quick disclaimer if you’re going to be in-game tweeting. Your non-sports followers might cut you some slack if you warn them ahead of the big game.
  • Bring something new to the table. I thought about starting a blog about my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes, but I don’t have much more to add to the conversation. I can, however, provide some perspective on how social media affects sports – and my favorite teams.
  • Include a sentence about your team loyalty in your Twitter profile. This gives any potential follower the heads-up that, hey, you’re passionate about your team, and that your tweets will reflect that passion.

Got more suggestions? Add them in the comments below.

Thanks for being a fan.

3 thoughts on “Become a Social Media SuperFan: 7 Twitter Tips to Get Your Sports Fix

  1. Todd

    For fans, a new company called allows them to pick their favorite teams and have the scores pushed through in real time to their Facebook or Twitter feed.

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