Tiger’s Twitter Game as Disappointing as His Golf Game


Tiger Woods needs more than help hitting fairways and greens, he needs help hitting the mark on Twitter.

The best athletes are built for competition. They want to excel – at everything.

Tiger Woods used to be that athlete. But his very public personal missteps, coupled with his failing golf game, have taken him from that pinnacle.

Nearly a year removed from a bizarre car crash, prolonged injury and eventual divorce, Tiger has been on the road to repairing his public image, along with his un-Tiger-like golf game. I expected him to recover fully and forge a huge comeback. 

He has not. Not yet, anyway.

Tiger’s return – the reputation-rebuilding part – included his supposed embrace of Twitter, which began in earnest late last year. Unfortunately, it’s been more like a limp handshake than an embrace. Much like his unimpressive golf game, Tiger’s swing at social media has left us hoping and expecting more.

I want to cheer, but I can’t even muster a golf clap.

Since resurrecting his dormant account Nov. 17, Tiger has managed just 56 tweets. An amazing score for 18 holes, but not good on the social media-meter. He’s answered a few @ replies, talked about the events in which he competed, promoted his foundation. He gained a meager 500,000 or so followers.


Fans want those rare glimpses into an athlete’s life, and they appreciate the interaction on Twitter. But like everything with Tiger Woods, there’s a certain plasticness that stands out. There’s still a wall surrounding his every move – even on social media.

Twitter is about being authentic and approachable. Tiger is neither. It’s about reaching your fans at all times and in all places. And having those fans be able to reach you. Unless you’re Tiger, who apparently tweets from his “board room”:

Look fans - I tweet from the board room. Follow me!

I hope Tiger can get his game back. The PGA Tour needs it. I need it to make Sundays in spring and summer a little more enjoyable. But I also hope Tiger steps up his Twitter game, too. There’s no reason Tiger Woods can’t be the No. 1 golfer in the world again – and the No. 1 professional athlete on Twitter.

Thanks for being a fan.

2 thoughts on “Tiger’s Twitter Game as Disappointing as His Golf Game

  1. Angie, I love this! So smart to add avocado instead of cream for fat and then just a bit of mia-#thlt&k39;s nice! The garlic flavor sounds like it would be so nice in there too…

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