John Elway gets social media


No need for fourth-quarter heroics here. John Elway scores early and often in his rookie season on Twitter.

With a freshly-launched Twitter account and just a few tweets under his belt, the Broncos new executive vice president for football operations, Hall of Fame quarterback and Super Bowl MVP is off to a tremendous start.

Let’s hope other NFL executives take notice.

Elway was thrust into a coaching search to replace Josh McDaniels, and unlike many NFL teams, #7 is using social media to be incredibly upfront with the process while also engaging fans online.

He’s promised to lead the team back to glory, and on Jan. 13 chose John Fox to coach the team.

“We couldn’t be more excited to have him lead the Denver Broncos,” Elway tweeted after the hire.

Safe to say, Elway doesn’t believe in hiding behind his front-office role, either. His run-up to the coaching decision was as open as you’ll see in sports. It was candid – and refreshing – to see this kind of transperancy in sports. Elway knows everything he’s doing will be scrutinized by Bronco fans and the media.

Here’s a snapshot at some of Elway’s first tweets: 

  • “Looking forward to getting down to work and finding the right head coach to lead the Broncos.”
  • “Looking forward to our interviews with Eric Studesville and Perry Fewell on Sunday.”
  • “I can tell you that we’ve reached out to the Texans regarding Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison and hope to speak with him”
  • “Just received permission to speak with Jaguars Offensive Coordinator Dirk Koetter. Previously was HC at Arizona State and Boise State”
  • “Interviews with Perry Fewell and Eric Studesville went well today. We’re looking forward to speaking with John Fox on Monday.”
  • “Rick Dennison and Dirk Koetter are all set to visit us tomorrow.”
  • “Meeting with Rick Dennison and Dirk Koetter later today. We’ve got our questions, but what’s the one thing you’d ask?”

Elway’s social savvy is great news for Bronco fans. The last tweet is especially encouraging – seeking fan feedback and engaging Bronco Nation is a great use of social media. Elway deserves praise for his quick start on Twitter. Bronco fans are lucky to have him in the front office – especially if he continues to shine on Twitter.

As far as winning games goes, that’s to be determined.

Thanks for being a fan.

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